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As I write this, I feel a mixture of four men cum dribleing me a little tight ass once, Four hours later I sat in my car in a local dogging site, full of blue mini-dress, lined with fishnet stockings, suspenders, stiletoes 4 in, black wig (spiral ), slutty makeup, fake breasts and a black bra and panties to match, there was a parking lot with bathrooms on the main street, where four cars and a mobile home, two cars, empty but the other, where no use, I have my car and walked toward the entrance, my heel where it aloud together clip clopen know that people in cars, where wathing my every move, my heart was pounding as it entered the toilets. I, it was dark, but it smelled CLEEN in three cabins, went into the half and closed the door behind me, but not locked, (after all, not me, so I do not stop) I sat down, there was a glory hole in each wall was big enough to put around your head through, I heard two car doorsfor opening, closing, and the thought of all the things I wanted to happen to me, the first man entered the tube555 cabin, I left with the grand opening and the second right, I looked through the large hole and was surprised to see a long black cock thick straw to the hardness (the firs thing tube555 I thought was 'this is gona sting ') on my face in the hole and his cock began straw to my lips, I opened my mouth and he pushed her and started sucking me, I had good flavor and thickens no meat, he tube555 jerks faster and stronger, until it turned away and said he did not want to fill my mouth with his seed, but I wanted to fill my ass with her place, took a sniff of popers turned over to my ass and another cock was poking through the other wall and opened the door to see two other men masturbating, One of the men turned on the light and closed the door, left the cabin and one of the men said, ' This dog is guna Tack hair all of us, 'I was so high on ADRENelin I just said 'ok I want the smallest tail first and work my way up to the greatest ' so you can make me feel all the support as I pump the semen, I leaned over the sink and I felt that my thong was puled one side and slide a lubricated finger into my hole and lubricated, was replaced by the first cock, started fast and in just five minutes for tube555 him to grab my hips and pump, feeling that fills me with his sperm when he puled the sacond one finds in smooth, do not let the other guys sperm depleted, this was one of 7 inches, not too thick, it took me about 15 tube555 minutes and added his to the mix, was the leanth third of the same, but much thicker, led him to do for a while, but finally managed to have complained, I was like a bitch now tube555 and the corner of my eye I noticed that the black man shot the lot, , so turn tube555 on even more, and I looked straight into the camera and asked the man to fuck me, fill me with your dirty, the trick did as he recorded my hips than the other, but ªis the time to have to save, because I felt his cock swell and actually felt about 8 or 9 skwirts cum tube555 fill my insides, n , moved and sewing, as if my ass was still open, yy guts running on my thighs and my socks, the black tube555 said to the others, things to dogs, which Rubing behind me cracking his huge cock up and down my ass up, must have 10 or 11 inches and as thick as my wrist, but I knew id just made, that have gona gooood time in my ass, and then gently began without warning, put his cock until I was in pain and sqeeled plesure then I fucked hard as I only have about 5 minutes before a large crowd that came out of the way instead of pumping, that left me clean, as best I could, but I just saw Recked, walking back to my car one of the guys have my e- mail and Addy gona send me a copy of the vine, which could put even if youAllready posted it xxx vick4cock
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